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Tighten rickety chair

While the chair is not broke at all, shaky legs, and if required, all the piping, should be re-glued.

Wooden chairs are strong, but nevertheless are not eternal. Especially, if people are shaken on them or often draw covering. First sign of that a chair will collapse soon is a scratch of rubbing wooden connections: it means that the leg separates from a stud to which is connected by tenons. There are two wooden surfaces that are glued to each other across the grain that is why this node is particularly vulnerable. And how it happens with old models, bone glue was applied, it is not necessary to wait for a long time before the chair will collapse.

The old truth of joiners: chairs to mend is meaningless. However, we will teach you how to do it.

To repair the chair lasted as long as possible, you should carefully analyze parted parts and thoroughly clean of the remnants of old glue. Peeled sections glue with express glue for wood (maybe even waterproof) for 2-3 hours and hold a clamp.

If the chair is pasted completely, then the only way - to disassemble it completely and methodically to glue anew, and at first stick together back legs, then forward legs with cross pieces and connect to the back. For chairs, that do not have direct plane to set the clamp, you can use the clamping strap.

1. If only one leg wobbles, having liberated from a stud, it is necessary to disassemble a stud so...

2. ... That it was possible to take out a cross piece and to clean its ends.

3. Clean remnants of old glue.

4. Only after that the new glued joint will hold. Fluff with glue grooves in studs and spacers under the seat.

5. Pull the horizontal setting on a clamp at the center of splices trim and spacers. Grommets protect furniture.

6. Then the general frame of the seat clamp pressed to trim and tighten cross vise until the glue is not act from the seams. Excess glue erase immediately.


Chisel Express glue for wood, wooden board, clamp or a coupling belt.

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